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louisville ballet
2018-2019 season

The Louisville Ballet's Season of Romance brought audiences classic dreamy love stories like The Brown-Forman Nutcracker and steamier more controversial love stories such as Romeo + Juliet and Human Abstract. It was romance and love all around. The challenge was increasing appeal to viewers who had never even considered attending the ballet for fear they would sleep through the entire performance. The reality was that the Louisville Ballet was producing beautiful and cutting-edge work that people were unaware of. The brand campaign for 2018–2019 sought to convince the community otherwise. It aimed to show them that the ballet was vibrant, athletic, and inspiring. If anything can bring us together, wouldn't it be love? 

For the visuals, I created a central visual element that we eventually called a "light trail". I drew this element uniquely to each show and each story that was to be told by that performance. The light trail aimed to illuminate the figures of each performance while unifying the season as a whole.

Louisville_ Balley_SeniorAmore.jpg
LouisvilleBallet_PridePoster 2.jpg
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