Graphic design, advertising, branding, art, whatever you call it, it is that magical, unspoken ability to express the very essence of a brand, that I love. It is pixels, vectors, and words creatively collaborating to convey the true meaning behind a product or company. This true meaning means more than the bottom-line. It is what makes you different and it is the heart-beat of what you do. It's this heart-beat that I search for in each project. The something more that we are all looking for. 


Growing up in the middle of the mid-west, drawing and painting were my favorite past-time. I eventually left the cows and cornfields but brought my pencil and paintbrush with me. I now spend more time with my Mac than a canvas but I carry that same creativity and artistry and apply it to my design. My process always starts with a sketchbook and pencil regardless of if I am creating a website, logo, or anything in-between. Some things never change. 


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